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Photo by Ryan McGinnis.

Photo by Ryan McGinnis.


One humid New York City summer...

. . . There were two NYC-based baristas that discovered each other's passion for the coffee industry over Instagram, around the halfway point of 2017. Quickly scheduling a few meet-ups, they sought to bring their paired energy to the five boroughs — and beyond.

Joseph W. Gonzalez, who proudly represents the Bronx borough of NYC, is known to many as "The BX Barista," and is not only a certified coffee educator, but has a true passion for customer service — given his colorful experience over many years in the restaurant industry, for example.

Javier Alvarez began investing in the NYC coffee community over the past decade, first as a barista active on social media, but later on as a vlogger. The "#LifeOfJavii" vlog not only fulfilled Javi's goal of shining a bright light on the extremely active New York City "#CoffeeFamily" — it also strengthened the long-term ideas that both Javi and Joe had been coming up with all the while . . .

Photo by Edwin Velazquez.

Photo by Edwin Velazquez.





Fast-forward to the fall of 2017, Javi and Joe took their ideas to the next level, birthing an Espresso State of Mind. What these two gentlemen have co-founded focuses on the four C's listed above, as the primary focus is on the NYC area.

Whether it is specialty coffee brought to your next event by the finest baristas that New York has to offer, or time spent learning about the ways of the coffee bean, all this and more is what Espresso State Of Mind has to offer for you. Click here to get started.

Follow the journey below, because it involves just as much of you as it does us. Tag #EspressoStateOfMind to be featured on our social media. Our mission is, rather simply, #CoffeeEveryDay.

Stay caffeinated, friends.